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Angels on Owaru Mountain

Here is a story about angels an devils...

Angels on Owaru Mountain

The bright sunlight brought warmth and happiness to the forest trees. The birds chirped and the animals crawled through the trees with the rattle of the wind. Footsteps approached, as swiftly as the wind. Panting hard, a girl sprinted rapidly shaking the woods. Her kimono flew with the wind and her hair swayed across her dress. She ran barefooted after losing her warn-out sandals along the way.
The trees behind her suddenly fell down. From above the canopy, a cloud of dust formed and a dark shadow appeared. A stone golem broke a path in the forest. Each of his feet was two meters long, his arms stretched from his shoulders to his ankles, and the giant raged through the forest as if they were grasses. He approached the girl and grabbed her around the waist. He held her high; preventing her from escaping as she cried to the heavens that could not help. The titan let out a burst of laughter and headed for the opposite direction.
A swirling hammer knocked the rock that formed the monster's wrist out of place and it shattered to the ground. The girl fell and was buried in the pill of stone. A young man jumped out from the treetops. He stood in front of the titan with his hammer tucked behind his arm. Suddenly he jumped on top of the wounded rock monster and slammed his hammer into its skull. There was a moment of silence as the force penetrated into its skull. The rock cracked, then divided into small rocks and pilled on the ground. He then ran to the unconscious girl and quickly dug through the stones. She opened her eyes, her face was scratched, and her hair all tangled and her arms dripping with blood. She then said nothing and slowly fainted.
The girl opened her eyes two hours later. The deep blue sky felt welcoming for her return. When she finally focused in the situation, she was surprised that she was by the side of a small river. Her hero scooped up the fresh water between his hands and quenched his day's work. He seemed strong and serious, but he didn't notice that she was awaking.
"Thank you for saving me," the girl said gently while getting up. He just gave her a cold stare as she then also went toe the side of the river to get refreshed.
"So who are you? What were you doing here?" he finally asked.
She looked at him and then said, "My name is Karasu. I was just wandering in the forest, but then suddenly chased by that giant. You?"
He finished drinking and then replied, "I'm Yoko, and I travel around wherever my destiny takes me."
There was silence for a few minutes. "Well, I better be going," she got up and left. He turned and watched her torn kimono and light blue hair dance with the fallen leaves. He then gave a satisfying laugh and left as well.

The nest day, Karasu woke up to the song of the bird in her temple on top of Mount Shimo. The sunlight warmed her glowing home, healing her scratches and pains. The breeze was ever so refreshing outside. Towards the west were the usual dark clouds above Mount Owaru. It was always said that something evil inhabited here, but no one went and told about it alive. Maybe some mysteries may never be solved.
A fire explosion blew up in the south part of the forest creating gargantuan shadows of smoke. Karasu ran toward the blast, jumping on treetops and leaping over open spaces. That part of the forest was dusty and black. She landed softly on the forest floor and carefully observed for suspicious characters. The ground then trembled and a hand rose o capture the unprepared victim. She kicked free and tumbled to the ground. The mud took form as a man. He was a mud pile, true, but his black sharp eyes showed signs of death. She jumped, kicked, punched, and did whatever she could, and the monster was dying of energy. It then melted into the ground and disappeared.
She stopped panting and stood straight listening to the sharp wind. It was trying to say something but in a code she didn't understand. She walked around carefully. The ground beneath her turned red. The hand rose again and Karasu was caught. The hammer came again and freed her from her captivating prison. Yoko grabbed her hand and together they ran. The mud pile formed a ball and bounced their way, gaining more and more speed with each bounce. It crashed into them, holding them tightly. Two other men appeared in front of them. One with velvet white ropes coving his entire body, stretched out strings from his hands holding Yoko as the mud on him disappeared.
"Now I've got you, Yoko," the other man said. He was dressed like a ninja with a cape flapping wildly in the wind. "You will die now."
"Run, Karasu. Go," Yoko yelled from his restraint and threw his hammer that killed the mud creature. Karasu fell to the ground but unable to move in this circumstance. How could she abandon Yoko, the one who saved her life twice?
"See you soon, Yoko," the man concluded and held his hand up high. Bright red energy from all around concentrated into a large luminous ball of force in his hands. A large flash, a horrible scream, and the crackle of laughter left Karasu speechless. She then ran dropping tears along her path. She ran until she could run no more and collapse on the ground panting in tears and disbelief. "Going somewhere?" the same voice again. Ti was the man with the cape flying in the air, but this time with the rope guy and anther new face. But there was something familiar about eh flaming hair and torch in one hand. "Karasu, meet the new and improved Yoko," he laughed.
"Yoko!" she paned, "No, it can't be." Yoko came towards her with his flames holding gracefully. Karasu ran, her fighting skills were no match for Yoko, especially with his new magical powers. He flew after her and she was knocked out in the first round.
Karasu woke up; she was stringed to the wall and a prisoner of an unknown, powerful enemy. "You are awake, Karasu," the man sitting in the crowned chair said, "you probably are wondering about all thing and what happened to your friend, Yoko. In fact he's here." Yoko was sitting in another chair on the side along with a bunch of other magical monstrous men.
"What is this?" she asked.
"Quiet," he yelled, "We are the DOOM, short for Devils on Owaru Mountain. I'm the leader of this secret organization of mutants, Sakaeru. It all began with one ancient sorcerer who lived hundreds of years ago developed the magic of darkness and evil. He cast a spell, making random people to inhabit his soul in their afterlives. Once the selected person dies, they will become his destined forms, as a DOOM. Your hero, Yoko, has always been one of us." He laughed. "And actually, you are one as will," his words shocked Karasu. "Be the first women to be on out team," his powers then gathered as the red flames of evil burned in her eyes. It came as quick as light, but the pain remained for several hours.
She dropped from the burning ropes, all wounded; there was no sign of life. The monsters laughed as one more will soon join in their army. A light developed from inside her as the DOOMs ducked for cover from the warm healing light. Then she floated and swirls, her wounds slowly healed, her dirty torn kimono changed into a multi-layered gown with ordainments decorated all around her. Then wings stretched out of her back and the light dimmed; she has become an Angel.
"I am the Angel of Light," her voice echoed through vibrant lights, "I am the product of the hundreds of dark years when the world has faced the DOOMs, this is our payback." She then raised her hands, "Light of sun, shade of the moon, let hope and love destroy the DOOM!" She spread her arms leaving a trail of bright light. It spread across the room, killing all the weaker demons. The powers continued until only Yoko and Sakaeru were left. The magic broke the rock of the mountain and the three remaining immortals flew outside where there was more space.
"Yoko," Sakaeru yelled, "Destroy her!"
"No, Yoko," Karasu convinced, "You can become good again, if only you look deep within yourself."
"You were born what you are, Yoko. You are to respect me," he reminded him.
Yoko's mind was confused what to do? He looked deep into Karasu's sky blue eyes seeing all the positive elements of light, hope, and life. His head ached and he yelled, "No, stop." He then let out a large blast of fire. Not expecting the attack, Karasu fell, left with scratches all over.
Her energy was decreasing but she must help him. She drew a magic light from her star locket and focused her thoughts. Her hands together and then suddenly separated in bother directions. A bright flash as the light dimmed, sparkles of blue and yellow glowed on the scepter in her hands. "Starlight healing," she yelled as the center gem on the scepter glowed and grew a large light. The burst of light concurred Yoko's body, washing away all the evil. When the light was gone, Yoko fell, as if just another dead body.
"Yoko," she cried, but it was not eh time to save him.
"No, this can't be the end of the all powerful DOOM," Sakaeru argued in anger.
"Your times up, from this day on, DOOM will be no loner," Karasu said and shot out a stream of light. Sakaeru blocked it with his "Dark Shadow Eater" and Karasu's attack was eaten away. Then a rainbow stretched from the side of Sakaeru, destroying him completely.
Karasu smiled as the rainbow finished healing the mountain where darkness once ruled. She walked over to the corpus of Yoko. She hung her head in sadness for the man who did so much to protect her. If only she can repay the debt. She held her Starlight Scepter and gently tapped it on his shoulder. A light rose and lifted him into the light-blue sky. Karasu could see nothing but bright healthy light. It dimmed and a winged person flew down upon her. He then landed with a cloud of dust. From his feet the grass and wild flowers grew instantly. It was Yoko; brought back by the wand as the Angel of Sunlight. From the ground several temples rose to the home of the Angels on Owaru Mountain.

All original.
(c) Ayame Mayoke, 2000

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