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A Little Overview...

Sway, Rei!  so kawaii

Here's quick info of some anime and mangas I seen/read and what I like about them (some featured on this site; listed alphabelically).

Angelic Layer

A girl discovers Angelic Layer and raises her own angel, Hikaru, to battle

Commemt: Repeat of Pokemon, but at least the "monsters" are cooler

Fav Char: the blue kimono angel

I've seen/read: First chapter of first volume

Fav Song: both opening and ending

Ayashi no Ceres

Aya is possessed by Ceres, an angel who wants to take revenge on the Mikage family. Ceres' greatest enemy is the in Aya's twin brother, Aki.

Commemt: The legend is really cool!

Fav Char: Ceres

I've seen/read: First five DVD's

Fav Song: Scarlet - opening

Blue Submarine no. 6

After the world floods, the crew of blue submarine 6 must defend mankind from an underwater enemy.

Commemt: What our future might look like...without the underwater enemy

Fav Char: the enemy (mermaid girl creature)

I've seen/read: First episode

Fav Song: end song

Cardcaptor Sakura

Aided by Tomoya, Li, and the lovable Keros, young Sakura is destined to recapture the magical cards of the Clow.

Commemt: Kind of kid-y in the beginning but gets a whole lot better in the third season

Fav Char: Ruby Moon/Nakuru

I've seen/read: Almost all of TV series and first 7 mangas, first movie

Fav Song: Platina - 3rd opening, Tooi Kono Machi de (first movie theme)


A line of computers called Persocoms are the latest trend. Hideki finds one in the garbage. She can only say Chii at first, but as Hideki learns more about his abnormal computer, he discovers the secrets of Chobits...and who is Chii's "other self" and what about Chii's past??? =^.^=

Fav Char: Dark Chii

I've seen/read: First 3 manga

Fav Song: Ningyo Hime (second ending), I hear you everywhere


Suu is a four-leaf clover, one whom possesses the maximum power, but she is locked away. For any being, is it right to live a whole life in solitude?

Comment: Sort of plot-less and confusing, but it presents good themes, and the manga is displayed in an unique style

Fav Char: Suu

I've seen/read: All 4 manga

Fav Song: Clover

Cowboy Bebop

Four outlaw space cowboys hunt criminals for a living while trying to escape their past.

Comment: music is really good (music by Yoko Kanno...who does most of Maaya Sakamoto's stuff and Escaflowne...eeeee) ...it has lots of drugs and crime...but still really good...the end is awsome...good themes

Fav Char: Faye

I've seen/read: first and second manga, first 2 and last DVD

Fav Song: The Real Folk Blues, Julia, Rain...lots of the music


Seven kids get sent to the Digital World, where they meet Digital Monsters and try to save both worlds.

Comment: This is soooooooo not pokemon! It present stronger themes and actually has a plot! For one, the monsters can talk.

Fav Char: Hikari/Kari

I've seen/read: all first and second season TV, some other sessions

Fav Song: I for You, Silent Emotion, Sun Goes Down...and most other AiM songs


Kazuki and Mitsuki are transported to the parallel world where robots battle. There they find similar people of ones they know in the real world. How will they get back?

Comment: At first I found it surprisingly similar to Evangelion, but I like the two world thing...like my "Koogo no Uchuu"...hee hee

Fav Char: D

I've seen/read: whole anime series (4 videos...I think)

Fav Song: Dual (opening)

Fushigi Yuugi

Miaka is transported into a book called "The Universe of the Four Gods". Here, she is to gather the seven constellations, and then she gets three wishs. But will her best friend hinder her achievement? (well, yes, of course...sort of gave that away)

Comment: First season is all happy yappy...but in the second season it gets interesting...hee hee...although OAVs are bad

Fav Char: Soi

I've seen/read: all of original series, all OAV, up to 7 in manga

Fav Song: all the slow songs (ie Everything for you, Perfect world, Wakatte-ita hazu, Setsunakutemo...zutto, etc.)

Gundam Wing

Five brave pilots battle in robots called Gundam to bring peace back to Earth and its colonies.

Comment: Relina's too nice...no further comment

Fav Char: Quatre, Lady Une

I've seen/read: 2 original manga plus some weird ones, few episodes

Fav Song: Rythmic Emotion

Inu Yasha

Kagome is sent back into the feudal times through a well. There she meets the half-demon Inu Yasha. After losing a powerful object called the Jewel of Four Souls, they go to fight Nataku, the greatest evil presently in that world, and to retrieve the shards of the jewel before it gets into the wrong hands.

Comment: The complex plot is awesome! ...everything connects with everything

Fav Char: Sango

I've seen/read: up to 11 in manga

Fav Song: My will, Fukai mori, Dearest, Sango's theme, Every Heart, No More Words...(it has many great songs)


Ninja girl Juliene must protect her clan's treasure with two other clans against the forces of evil...while falling for her guardian/trainer...hee hee

Comment: typical ninja story...manga sort of hard to follow (fighting parts)

Fav Char: The blond (assuming, it's manga) girl from one of the other clans...forgot name

I've seen/read: volumes 1, 2, 4, and 5

Fav Song: never heard...actually I don't even know if there is an anime


Sana is an actress as well as an "ordinary" elementary school girl. She soon becomes friends with a mysterious boy, Akito. With a very queer family, she grows up with joy, friendship, and of course...love...

Comment: typical shoojo...the relationship developes much slower though...since they ARE in elementary school

Fav Char: Sana's mother...with her hair down

I've seen/read: First 4 manga

Fav Song: never heard

Macross Plus

A backstage singer (singer is a robot she controls) reunites with her two friends, who have been fighting for her love, and together they will unlock the secrets of Macross... (and their memories of the past)

Comment: ...it's so sad...oh no, I just gave the whole thing away... ...it's happy, very good anime <teardrop>

Fav Char: ... ... oh no! I forgot her name...well the backstage singer lady

I've seen/read: all of anime (3 videos, I think)

Fav Song: Voices, and some others

Magic Knight Rayearth

Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu are transported to another world with the mission to save the princess. With newfound friends and spirit machines, they will uncover something they were not prepared for...woooo

Comment: it starts out happy, but the end of first season and all of the second season is really good...very sad and mystic...kind of repetitive too

Fav Char: evil Emeralde

I've seen/read: all 6 manga

Fav Song: While holding the light and shadow, end song of first season

Mai the Psychic Girl

Exactly what the title suggests. An organization tries to capture her and her father.

Comment: It was actually the first manga ever published in North America, says my friend

Fav Char: Mai

I've seen/read: All 3 volumes of manga

Fav Song: I don't think there is an anime

Marmalade Boy

Miki's parents switch partners with Yuu's. How weird! But she finds the mysterious Yuu fascinating...but now her past crush, Ginta (who rejected her before) is getting jealous...

Comment: shoojo! Weird shoojo!

Fav Char: Meiko, friend of Miki

I've seen/read: First 4 manga

Fav Song: opening, love theme

Mason Ikokku

A college student moves into a small apartment trying to win the heart of the widowed manager. The other renters make it very interesting.

Comment: I thought it was quite boring at times...but still very funny

Fav Char: manager lady...forgot name...K something...

I've seen/read: 2nd and 16th (last) manga

Fav Song: never heard

Mermaid Trilogy

They say, if you eat the flesh of a mermaid, you'll live forever... Two immortal lovers journey to keep others away from the horrible mermaid flesh that isn't as holy as it seems...

Comment: gutty...graphic deaths...my friend got totally scared

Fav Char: the girl, I guess...forgot name...again

I've seen/read: all manga (3 volumes)

Fav Song: never heard

Metal Fighter Miku

Along with three other girls, Miku dreams of becoming the best metal fighter, like her idol Aquamarine.

Comment: sort of repetative...just train and fight, train and fight...and predictable too

Fav Char: Miku

I've seen/read: all the anime (don't remember how many)

Fav Song: opening

Miracle Girls

Two identical twins have telekinetic powers...dun dun dun...and with two friends/crushes and a wacked out teacher, they meet adventure...and love...wooooooo

Comment: Very cute...shojo!

Fav Char: Mika and Chris...cute couple

I've seen/read: first 6 volumes

Fav Song: opening

Mononoke Hime

The beauty of nature is reveiled through a boy's journey to lift a curse. With San, a protective girl raised by the wolf god, they must prevent the other humans from killing the Great Spirit of the Forest.

Comment: Beautiful art, really presents nature, click click click...hee hee

Fav Char: San, the Tree Spirits...forgot what they are called

I've seen/read: seen...no manga (it's a movie)

Fav Song: the only worded song (ending)

Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind

A war epic...beautiful and magical...in the future (after we humans destroy the planet with pollution)

Comment: It takes longer to read...but so worth it

Fav Char: Nausicaa and the Princess

I've seen/read: all 4 volumes

Fav Song: Seven Days of Fire

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Shinji, Asuka, and Rei operate man-like machines to destroy "Angels", big monsters that somehow just appeared.

Comment: Sort of repetitive...but the secrets uncovered are juicy...hee hee...I never used that word before

Fav Char: Rei

I've seen/read: all of anime (8 DVD's?), up to 7 in manga

Fav Song: Cruel Angel's thesis - opening, Thanatos

Oh! My Goddess

Goddesses on Earth! A boy jokingly wishes for the goddess Belldandy to be with him...and it comes true. The fun really starts when her two sisters come...

Comment: I really like the clothing...they are weird and very detailed

Fav Char: Belldandy and Scold (spelling?)

I've seen/read: all of anime (4 videos), all but one manga published in US so far

Fav Song: Illusion

One-Pound Gospel

A hungry boxer must suppress his stomach and his love for a beautiful nun.

Comment: typical work of Rumiko Takahashi...love, but never admitting

Fav Char: the nun

I've seen/read: all manga

Fav Song: haven't heard

Please Save My Earth

Seven scientists from a distant planet were sent to study Earth from space. Something unexpected happened, and they were reincarnated on Earth.

Comment: The kid is freaky!

Fav Char: Mokuren

I've seen/read: First (and only?) DVD

Fav Song: Memory of the times - ending


Monsters living in little balls are used to battle in competition.

Comment: Episodes very repetative...but games are good!

Fav Char: Vulpix and Mew

I've seen/read: all first sesson TV, some second, rarly any of the others

Fav Song: The Time Has Come, some of the 2nd sesson ending songs

Ranma ½

Whenever Ranma touches cold water, he turns into a girl. (I guess the humor is pretty self-explainitory) With millions of suitors (for both Ranmas) and wacky side characters, he must put up with his fiancée, Akane.

Comment: Characters...you gotta love the characters

Fav Char: Shampoo

I've seen/read: Almost all OAV's, up to 19 manga

Fav Song: Red Shoe Sunday

Revolutionary Girl Utena

All girls dream of becoming princesses, right? ...WRONG! This girl wants to be a prince!!! A knight with a shinny sword in a mysterious rose garden...

Comment: Weird...but beautiful...like a fairy tale...and "Sunlit Garden" (music) is soooooooooo cool

Fav Char: ...um...Utena, I guess...only seen one episode

I've seen/read: first episode, first two manga

Fav Song: Sunlit Garden

Rurouni Kenshin

Well-mannored Kenshin tries to save Japan from evil ninjas.

Comment: This is actually a really good series... very funny

Fav Char: Kenshin, Kamiya, Ayame (she has my name!!!)

I've seen/read: Bind Justice DVD

Fav Song: Starless and Freckles

Sailor Moon

Come on...you should know this! Oh well. Usagi, a cry baby, is destined to be Sailor Moon, the bold and just warrior against evil. With a sweet boyfriend and fearless friends, she strives to preserve peace and harmony.

Comment: The first anime I've known and loved...actually second, I think Samurai Pizza Cats was first...hee hee

Fav Char: Sailor Pluto/Setsuna/whatever her English name is...I don't follow it anymore

I've seen/read: all of SM and SM-R on TV, all 3 movies, all manga

Fav Song: Tuxedo Mirage, Rashiku ikimasho, Serenity

Saint Tails

A religious girl steals! ...in order to solve crimes...with her guide/friend/nun and a detective classmate on her tail

Comment: Cute! Shojo! ...sort of like Sailor moon...well a little

Fav Char: Saint Tails...forgot real name...think it starts with M??

I've seen/read: first 3 manga

Fav Song: opening

Sakura Wars

Six girls, all with some kind of supernatural power, operate robots in the early 20th century.

Comment: I can't really comment...only seen first few episodes...pretty good so far

Fav Char: Sakura and Iris...hee hee

I've seen/read: first video

Fav Song: Kiseki no kane

Samerai X

Kenshin's roots...how he became the way he is in the other Kenshin show.

Comment: sad...very sad...very bloody too

Fav Char: The girl... ...Tomoe...maybe

I've seen/read: both videos

Fav Song: don't know, don't remeber

Shirahime Shou

Shirahime is the goddess of snow, and snow is her tears... A mysterious woman comes across a man who encourages her to go home by telling her the sad stories involving snow...it contains 3 short stories presented in an unique way...

Comment: sad...but beautiful in a wonderful style

Fav Char: Shirahime

I've seen/read: manga (only one)

Fav Song: don't know if there is an anime

Urusei Yatsura

The alien princess, Lum, is attracted to a dopey Earth boy who does not like her.

Comment: It's sometimes very irritating

Fav Char: Sakura

I've seen/read: first video, all manga except the perfect collection

Fav Song: opening

Vision of Escaflowne

Hitomi gets transported to another world where he meets Van and Allen. Together, they try to save that world from being destroyed the same way Atlantis was.

Comment: Story and art sort of plain, but music makes this anime wonderful

Fav Char: Hitomi

I've seen/read: all videos, movie

Fav Song: Kaze ga fuku hi...I don't think it is even in the videos...or I missed it, Yubiwa


Kamui is caught in the decision of joining the Heaven Dragons, who will save Earth, or the Earth Dragons, who will destroy it. After that, with his hand balancing the fate of the Earth, he will have to make the greatest decision of all...

Comment: Dark, evil, a present day setting with magic

Fav Char: Hinoto

I've seen/read: up to 14 in manga, movie

Fav Song: Forever Love...only song and ending song


An ancient Egyptian magic unravels though playing cards as Yugi and his friends try to save their loved ones

Comment: Sort of like pokemon...repeatative....but it is soooooooooooo much better because there is sooooooo much strategy involved...show drags on sometime (it take 3 episodes to show ONE battle, but then of course those are the significant ones)

Fav Char: Yugi, the girl, Serenity, and Cecillia

I've seen/read: some TV

Fav Song: opening



Animes I have pictures or music of, but don't know much about:

CLAMP Campus Detecives ~ three kids doing detective jobs on campus

Di Gi Charat ~ no clue

Flame of Recca ~ no clue

Fruits Basket ~ no clue

GateKeppers ~ no clue

Hikari no Go ~ about a game

Kimagure Orange Road ~ seen one episode, don't remeber...shojo

Lodoss Wars ~ legend...has to do with war...haha...that's all I know...actually, all I know is that Sakamoto Maaya sings the ending song

Nadia ~ no clue

Peach Girl ~ I refuse to read this! Everyone have already...but the cover is so...slutty...that I refuse to read it!!!...it's shojo by the way

RG Veda ~ legend...has to do with finding special people to fight some potent evil

Shin Shunkaden ~ ninja...she looks like Arashi...sort of...well it's Clamp!

Tenshi Muyo ~ shutter...space and time

Tokyo Babylon ~ three people fight for Tokyo...the girl dies at the end (you probably didn't want to know that)

Vampire Princess Miyu ~ obviously has to do with vampires...I think it has two worlds and a gate...Miyu likes this person who looks like the crip kepper

Wish ~ some non-gender angel...granting a wish probably

Yu Yu Hakusho ~ he dies and get a chance to come back to life or something

Of course, I do not own any of the anime and manga presented on this page...but I did write the synopsis and presented my comments...and I did chop up a lot of images and combine it into one...give me some credit!!.... ....fine, be that way!


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