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Goddess of Spite

My current work...

It's written in script format.  There's the characters and parts of the plot represent things...guess what they are ;-)
Here's a preview:
<Young firl sitting in corner of the lited room.  Neil bends over to her>
Eris:  Guardian, will you ever leave me?
Neil: No, Eris, I will never purposely leave you.  But if others are after you, I will...for your protection <smiles>
*end flashback*
Inspector:  We'll come back for the rest later.  We must report this first.  <shut car door.  Starts car engin.  Drives off.>
Eris: <eyes glow.  Builind blow up.>
Inspector: <looks back in horror>  What the - !!
Inspector 2: Quick.  Let's get out of here! <drives faster>
Eris: <Eris's shadow walk out from the flames.  Hair, dress, and cap flying in the wind.>

All original. 
(c) Ayame Mayoke, 2003.

pic coming soon...