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Arigatoo, tomodachi (Thank you, friends)

Acknowledging dear friends...

First of all, thank YOU for visiting my site.  Names are listed in chronological order or by related groups.  This list was taken off of my e-mail contacts list...sorry if I forgot anyone.


Luwa - probably the first one who got me into anime...with her countless Sailor Moon merchandise and awesome ability to draw.  But sadly she is not longer obsessed with anime...she like Chinese singers and actors now...pu you...but have fun in college!  Tell me how it is!

Mirai-chan - all-rounded anime freak.  Her website inspired me to create this one...and you can tell I copied off her A LOT!  ...Thanks!  One of the best storywriters I know...but chooses weird topics...just kidding.  Her stories are soooooooooooo long...To tell you the truth, Mirai, I never finished reading any of your stories...um...cos...they're toooooooooooooo long!!!! ...I'm sorry...I'll try to...someday...  She's into hard rock and gothic stuff now...pu you, too...but she still keeps strong to anime and Japanese music. 

The Ying's:  X and Z - Friends from...1st grade, maybe?  They are more academic...not that obsessed with anime...always with the math books... <evil stare>.  Anyways, good luck in 12th grade!!...although you probably don't need luch...with your perfect grades <evil stare>. ...one more thing, Xiao, boon means blessing...ha ha ha (inside joke).

Qian - haven't seen you for sooooooooooo long.  I don't remember when we met or if you were into anime at all...but thanks for being...you!  I like your philosophies...really cool...like mine, but I've never been able to put it in words like you do...I'm working on it...

Robyn and Shan - 6 to 8th grade friends.  Anime freaks as well...or at least Robyn still is...don't know about Shan.  I think they moved on to other things now...more of the normal high school stuff...

Pencil - sorry..I've never actually called you that.  Not an anime person, but very academic, artistic, and a descriptive writer too.  <cold evil stare>  ...Thanks for editing my stories!

Kerry - anime freak as well, which I didn't know until recently.  You still playing b-ball?

Julia - my cousin.  I mean of course I knew her ever since she was born...but we've been separated for almost 10 years!  Whole new different person...well not really...evil stare to you as well <evil stare>.

Laura and Christine - freaky anime freaks...enough said

Nancy, Sara, Sarah - other anime freaks.  Hey, Sara and Sarah, how is/was Japan?

Sunny, Kera, Whitney - poetry people...I love your poems.  They're so wonderful and inspiring!...Thanks to Sunny's "cutting" poems that inspired "Shard!"...hee hee

Zyzychyn - isn't it a small world? 

Min and Tripti - orchestra people...who I'll probably be hanging around more...cos we take the same classes

Crystal - Gundam Wing and music person...I love your bead things...so pretty

Lucy - how's Korea?

Antonia - weird non-anime fan who kept copying my chemistry homework last year...hee hee just kidding 


Again, the people mentioned on this page are on my e-mail contact list.  If I missed you, I'm sorry...that's probably because you never told me your e-mail address.  Contact me at rainbow_iris@hotmail.com!


Picture (c) Ayame Mayoke, 2002

Arigatoom Tomodachi!!!!  I love you guys!

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