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Want to win something...

Okay...identify the anime each midi belongs to you get a prize (a drawing of any anime character done by me...you provide the picture) and the midis will be placed on the music page for download!

Track 1...this should be quite easy

Track 2...maybe not that easy

Track 3...you should know this....or at least the anime

Track 4...I love this song

How to enter:
Send an e-mail to rainbow_iris@hotmail.com with "Contest" as the subject and include the following (in order):
Anime of Track 1:
Anime of Track 2:
Anime of Track 3:
Anime of Track 4:
Bonus:  One (1) picture (done by original artist) for each correct song title to be posted onto my webpage. 
I'll contact you from there.   Thank you for your entry!

I do not own these songs and did not make the midis. 
This site has been right-click disabled...you can not download them until someone gets them right...wah ha ha...I am so evil!

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