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Silent Music ~ My Songs

The songs are organized into albums chronologically.  "Angel Viva" is complete, but there are going to be more in the other two.  I'm thinking of going by the artist name Ayame...maybe Iris...
"Angel Viva" are songs from the long past to freshman year.  "Flower Pedal" came at different times (with my stories) with 1998 at the earliest.  "Crystal Chandelier" contain songs from sophomore year to the present that are not connected to stories.  I suggest you to read it or else you will die from my cra*... very very bad lyrics in my earlier ones. 
Fav song: "Illusions of the Mind," "Darkness of Light," "Cascade"
Most recent on page: "Can't Wait Forever"
Works in progress: 3 Meian songs, "Cascade" (Chinese version)
*Four songs deleted...'cos of...reasons

Angel Viva

Angel Viva


Na na na,

Angel Viva on the run,

Flying every night in the heaven sky.

Moon comes up and down goes the sun.

Flying higher, higher,

Searching through the galaxy,

Finding a new light.

When we were backing the heaven skies,

A light fell upon us,

Its a beautiful sight.

The stars created their own light,

Flowers started to bloom,

All through the night.


Flowers brought the gift of light

To everyones sight. (The beauty of life)

Fly towards the heaven stars

To search for what you must find.


As we stand beneath the moonlight,

The stars twinkle above,

And the flowers glow bright.

Release our wings and start to fly,

Through the clouds so white,

The stars will guide us through the night.




The Memories of Mine

Im a star in the opened sky,

No feeling, no nothing, just softly cry.

And you are not like I,

I am lost in my own mind.

Im a star without a light,

No love, no madness, just sadly cry.

You have never treated me right,

I am starting to fly.


Fly away from the world so wide,

Fly away from hope and sight,

Fly away from all that died,

The memories of mine.


Fly into the open sky,

Forget what you left behind,

Fly towards the heaven so wide,

Im an angel in the sky,

Im an angel in the sky.

Im a star in the heaven wide,

No hope, no friends, just softly cry.

You have never said goodbye,

Can I get you out of my mind?

Im a star that isnt bright,

No light, no brightness, just sadly cry,

You have never took the fight,

I am starting to fly.


(Chorus - one "Im an angel in the sky")


The Light of Hope

I can see a star in the open sky,

Just one, no other, in my sight.

It has the greatest shine,

Can a star run out of light?

I can see a star with no light,

No hope, no dreams, just softly cry.

I must make it shine,

And show everyone its bright.


Follow me to a world thats bright,

Follow me to a world of light,

Follow me and give some light,

To make everyone bright.


The light of hope is in the sky

Help everyone that you can find,

Let hope and dreams and love all rise,

Im an angel in disguise,

Im an angel in disguise.

I can see a star in the lighted sky,

It shines very bright.

But its life is made of lies,

It will soon go out of sight.

There is a star in the unknown sky,

Whos lights about to die,

I must give my light

And make it very bright.


(Chorus - one "Im an angel in disguise")


Be Mine

The other day I was walking down the street,

I felt a little simple beat.

Then I saw you coming towards me,

So my heart jumped up with glee.


Take the heart into the sun,

Take the wind and run and run,

Take the love thats hard to find,

Take my love and be mine.

It looked like you were down and low,

But that is not what you should show.

You came up and talked to me.

Then you began to smile happily.


Be mine, be mine, be mine,

Wont you be mine.

Be mine, be mine, be mine,

Wont you be mine.


A Simple Song

A year goes so, so fast,

Secrets never last,

A light will never stay,

Time wont behave.


Set the heart free

With its own destiny,

Let the music flow,

Dont just run or go.


Light up the new year with this simple song,

We can sing it all year long.

Light up the new year with everyone,

Dont just stop singing it when the year is done.

The years will get better and better,

The snow isnt as cold, (isnt as cold)

The sun and moon all watch you,

Well bring along all that you hold.



*Song Deleted

The Light in My Life

Walking down the laid out path where the silver moon guides,

With my dark shadow trailing behind me, but I know the sun will soon rise.

Lifes like a big book to read with a beginning, middle, and end.

Happy times, sad times, ups and downs, but every book needs a friend.


Youre my best friend,

In all history,

Youre the closest to me,

We think telepathically,

Youre my best friend,

In all heaven stars,

We wont be apart,

Youre the light in my life.

And as the clock ticks on and the routine days spin around,

But once in a while a big change will happen and youll find yourself upside-down.

Friendship is all around, you just have to try.

But when you have found that special one, its hard to say goodbye.


And as I walk alone at this hour,

Your friendships like a gentle flower.

Im sorry if I never said this to you,

I just want you to know,

Youll always be,

The light in my life.


Dont leave me now,

Well get along somehow,

Youll always be the

Brightest light in my life.

Well Fly Again

Memories are what I have with me,

From days of old to what we presently hold.

Friendships worth more than gold,

From a pitch full of love to a beautiful dove.

All I wanted was a best friend who cares,

All I needed was already here,

All I ask for is a memory to keep,

And all I wish for is us to be friends forever.


Memories have passes by,

But I still cant tell you why,

Youve always been a part of my life,

So I cant say goodbye.

Although we are apart,

Were at a new start,

Well fly again.

Memories are what I presently depend on,

Apart we are through days of new.

A clean white path with no shadow to fall to,

With new memories, but they were different with you.

All I want now is to be together again,

All I need now is another great friend,

All I ask now is to not forget me,

And all I wish now is to have more memories.


Well fly again

Although we are apart,

Well fly again

Were at a new start,

Well fly again.

One Night of this Millennium

Walking out the classroom on that last day,

And the last time along that hallway.

Years have passed by and my soul is the same,

But my thoughts and knowledge have been tamed.

From sitting at my seat

To walking down that one-way street,

With friends that will never meet,

Its our graduation.


Were the class of 2000,

We wont fail in defeat,

At the dawn of the millennium,

We walk on our feet.

Were the class of 2000,

With glowing souls theres just

One night of this millennium,

At the graduation for us.

Saying goodbye to friend that you have made,

Planning to take different ways,

Still thinking if your friends are okay,

Wishing for us to meet again someday.

From opening the door

And learning just a little more,

Wondering what things are for,

Its our graduation.


But when the heart crashes down,

And when you must turn around,

Remember the qualities youve found,

To that circle bright and round.


Flying High

When youre alone at that porch on a rainy day,

Sitting there watching the clouds turn gray,

Chances come but you always turn away,

But beware you mustnt let that smile escape.

There will be times when youll fell along and pain,

Just try to fly right through the rain.

Spread out all your fears, cry out all your tears

And away.


When your wings fly high,

To touch that deep blue sky,

All of your worries blow away,

You start a brand new day.

If the sun is too bright,

Dont worry about that light,

This will still be a

Glorious time in your life.

Lying there looking at that shooting star,

Make a wish and maybe youll go far.

Thinking about who exactly you are,

But beware, dont lock those felling in a jar.

There will be times when you picture yourself,

As not this one, but someone else,

Knock that thought away, lets fly today

And away.




Let me let me lean against the window side,

I see your shining face in sunlight,

And I wonder, I wonder. (ooh ooh ooh)

Working hard and staying up all night,

To see the beautiful sun rise,

And I wish for you to be here. (ooh ooh ooh ooh)

Everyday your heart is gloom in the loneliness of the room,

Finding ways to spend the day and hope to find the way soon.

Searching for the light,

Seeing all in sight,

In the darkness of night,

But what I can see,

Is all that surrounds me,

I just want to be free.


Flying through the window for those I must defend,

Helping all to seize the day and for them to lend a hand.

What I have to be

Is all up to me,

Oh just with glee.

Flying though the night,

Seeing angels in sight

Oh pray upon the starlight.



Flower Pedal ~ Story Themes

Illusions of the Mind

Sunny day with the wind I fly,

Circling with the warm sunlight,

Heart of gold seems blinding to my eyes.

Windows open to welcome the light,

See the wind blowing with all its might,

Come along, take my hand, be at my sight,

Oh, the rays of sunlight.


What do you do when seasons are turning?

What do you say when the world is glowing?

What is it about this sunny day

That I seem to find you along my way?

What is it that you are set to find,

Or is it just illusions of the mind?

Rainy day makes a sea of life,

Swimming through a like of silver light,

Rainbow rise sending color to my eyes.

Clouds above cover all the light,

Lightning strikes across the navy sky,

Come along, bring a coat, be at my side,

Oh, drops from the sky.

(Chorus - replace "rainy" instead of "sunny")

What do you do when seasons are turning? (seasons turning)

What do you say when the world is glowing? (glowing glowing glowing)

What is it about this sunny day (sunny day)

That I seem to find you along my way?


This Heart of Mine

Clouds above,

Block the light,

Rain fall down,

From the sky.

You find me,

Soaked in rain,

You walk to me,

You feel my pain.

At the darkness of times,

And the world is closing in,

Youre always there for me,

No matter rain or shine.


In the light a shadow forms,

After rain there comes life,

And in this imperfect world,

I will stick by your side.

Together through the roughest storms,

Together till the end of time,

How could I define

This heart of mine?

Snow fall down,

On the ground,

Lightning strikes,

Fire all around.

We are lost,

In an unseen world,

Minds confused

As the galaxy swirls.

For the longest of time,

There shall be no light,

In the end we will wind up,

Back to where wed start.


Alternate Universe

I wake up to the sunrise

Watching birds fly by

Dont know exactly why

This is the day that will change my life

I wake up to the sunshine

Feeling wind blow by

Blazing fire in sight

Beautiful amulet black and white


Around and around and around it turns

Crimson fire as it burns

World enter


Into the heart of night

Flower so bright

The whole worlds in reverse

Into a desperate fight

For life

Into the alternate universe.

I wake up to the dark light

To a mysterious sight

Dont know whats right

I wander in the night

I wake up to find

A world not so kind

Confused mind

But I learned that this is life



In all the days I never knew

There is darkness inside

Not all my dreams will come true

In this world so wide



*Song Deleted

Tenshi no Yume


Ai no yume oh

Heion no yume

Sora no yume

Tobu no yume

Ie no yume oh

Tsuki no yume

Unmei no yume

Tenshi no yume oh


Fly away

To where dreams will come true

A palace in the sky

Turquoise and blue

Cranes fly above

The way they do

Shining utopia

If only Earth knew




Dancing with the clouds

In luminous light

Circling towers

In the mist of night

Wind-carried blossoms

A mystical sight

A velvet blue sky

Bordered by moonlight




Home to the sky

Free to fly

Though the night




All original.  Lyrics and music...well actually you can't steal the music because you've never heard it!  ha ha ha...except my friends who I constantly annoy with my singing...
(c) Ayame Mayoke, 1998-

Crystal Chandelier

Darkness of Light

Lights on, a shadow falls

Turning inwards

Painting the ceiling

Calling with words

Moonlight tint the floor

Covered in snow

Trapping the feeling

With no place to go

Lamplight touch the wall

In the corner of doom

Caged in the heart of

This cold little room

Starlight in the sky

Wind of perfume

Currents streaming

To this dark room

Water waving

In the vast end-less sea

Dark clouds above the sky

As far as eye can see

Fire around the sun

Encircling the light

Blocking darkness

Limiting sight

Earth shaking

Soil arise

Breaking, falling

Into the night

Moon calm the sky

Serenity light

Voices singing

In the darkness of light.

*Song Deleted

Goodbye My Heart

Oh, the tears that Ill cry

The rain from the sky

The heart that will die

To you Ill say goodbye

Light, is there dark

Day, is there rain

Deep in my heart

Theres so much I cant explain


Silent night

I can see the hearts glide in your wings

Sweet light

I can feel your whisper that air brings

After rain, is there shine

Gentle breeze from the tides

As I say goodbye

With the birds I will fly

To see you in the sky

So way up high

As if Im not in sight

Oh, can I find

A candle in the night

Oh, hearts that bind

I want you by my side


And the sun wont shine

Swaying with the calm tides

As I say goodbye

Fading Vision

While outside a fierce storm rages

Im locked in my room

Lights dim, loneliness falls

Pondering my doom

A picture placed on the wall

The outline I cannot see

Only the dullest colors

The worlds closing in on me


Rain pouring in my room

Darkening the light

The silence encircles me

All through the night

But when the rays of day break

Again I can see

But still I cannot hide

The world is fading away for me

The lamplight reaches out

Casting shadows everywhere

Caving in, darkness falls

These feelings I wont share

Music playing from the box

The lyrics I cannot hear

Only a constant clatter

The end draws near


*Song Deleted

Summer Girl & Snow Queen

Summers here, lets have some fun

Feel the breeze and take a run

Longer days and work is done

Go summertime

Vacation time, the sun well take

Lying down, a tan well make

Take a swim and take a break

Go summertime

On the deck, sipping tea

Waters good, come surf with me

Come along, so much to see

Go summertime

Fire works at night

Glittering, what a beautiful sight

Sending peace and serene light

Go summertime

Snow is falling

Wind is freezing

Plants are dying

Wildlife sleeping

Water to ice

Breathing warm light

Fields of white

Fear arise

Dark Heart

Dark heart, drenched in soaking rain

Sweet love, driving me insane

Heartache, hurts so I cant explain

Not true to your heart

Not true to your mind

Not true to the words that you say

Oh lurk in the night

Starting a fight

Please tell me the truth any day


See the dark, see the dark

Oh the hearts you break

Sanguinary blood you take

See the heart, see the heart

You are just a fake

If only I could awake

Dark heart, glazed in silver light

True love, oh what a lie

Devil, in the forest of night

Not true to yourself

Not true to me

Not true to who you might be

Oh, shadow at night

An evil sight

Open your eyes take a look and see




Looking out my window side

While invading nebulous skies

Enclose this heart of mine

Into eternal night

As the vapid years pass by

And I gaze out pondering why

With fade of candle light

Is this truly called life


Trapped in the fear

Locked by the pain

Do not cry out

Do not walk in the rain


I yearn to reach out

To a world hard and blue

Start today, fly away

But none of it has come true

I wish to live a life

It seems everyone else do

But it all flows away



On a soft blue sunny day

We all giggle around and play

But as dusk creeps in

The familiar dark invades

Listening to a tuneless song

And the clock keeps ticking on

Staring aimlessly

As if everythings done


Home in the tears

Drenched in hate

Is this all planed

Is this truly my fate


I dream of something special

Something different just for me

Leave the night, embrace the light

If only I could be

I hope for adventure

Something unique to see

Bit it all flows away (flows away)



But it all flows away




Cant Wait Forever


Maybe its the amorous glares in your direction

That sent you fear and kept you on the run

But everywhere I turn I see your reflection

But every time I know you are not there


Why do you block me from your world

Why do you hold pain in your eyes

Did I do anything at all

Thats keeping us apart and oceans away



But I cant wait forever

I cant wait forever

I cant wait forever

For you


Maybe its your blissful ways out in the open

That chained me up and dragging me in

A smile on your face, lights up my heart

And when you speak, I just want to fly away


Why cant you see me crying

Why do you push me in the void

Did I say something wrong

Thats making you blind of my heart




You dont know, that you hold me tight

In your arms, and you wont let go

Your ethereal eyes, show my sadness inside

And my heart and mind no longer my own


Pre-Chorus 1




A smile on your face, lights up my heart

And when you speak, I just want to fly away

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