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Flower Collection ~ My Poems

I'm not much of a poems person...in fact, the first two poems were for projects...I'm starting to write some free verse poems, 'cos songs somethings are a pain 'cos I can't get music...or always have to follow a pattern: verse, chorus, verse, chorus...

 Flower Collection


The Light of Hope


A dark cloud passed through the sky,

Raining on Earth where theres nowhere to hide.

The sounds of war stretched through the lands,

With guns and knives and the bloody sands.


An hour or two before this is done,

It has affected everyone,

With death, with sorrow and broken hearts,

And souls that have been stabbed by darts.


Why do we take this chance?

To kill another within a glance.

And lock the others in the ground,

Where they will not be found.


But in every night there is a light,

The light of hope and all thats right.

With rainbow colors that have brought

Differences that have been taught.


Walking through the burnt out plains,

And feeling all the reddish rains.

No conflict can be won this way,

Defend yourself by what you say.


Be kind to all and be in peace,

Help destroy the evil beast.

Let every soul be long and free,

Continue being happy.


When peace is found then you can see,

The way Earth was meant to be.

And at that time well let down a rope,

Pulling all towards the light of hope.


Starry Sky


O, heaven sky

O, dear warming night

Speak soft, be calm

And seize the light.


O, stars above

Speak my heart

Let us be forever

And never apart.


For I am the moon

Silvery and bright,

Who can not reach

Your warm sunlight.


O, come bright Apollo

You are all I see.

A never-ending love

By an arrow of Aphrodite.


At night I wait

On my stone balcony

Waiting and weeping

And loving for thy.


O, radiant day

Is what I most desire.

Glazing forever at you

In your chariot of fire.


Time stops,

While watching you there

I treasure every moment,

Not a moment of spare.


O, what a splendid,

Vivid, beautiful sight,

Appear in my mind

When I sleep at night.


As if doves sing

A mockingbird's tone,

The brightest light from heaven

At the strike of noon.


But at the dark of some days

You hide your face,

The clouds slow you down

From your usual pace.


While the green Earth stands

Between you and I,

Keeping us apart

Across the turquoise sky.


Come, Fate, guide me

And show me the way

And please let us be

Together someday.


But this is the time

That seems to be the best.

No suffer of heartbreak

And all the rest.


Let peace and harmony

Make everything fine.

All I need is to break

The limit of time.




See the wind blow

Hear the light glow

Love the smell of the rain

Taste the bitterness of pain




Oh, glowing spheres in the galaxy,

Oh, shining balls of light.

Covered in days golden rays,

But comes to smile at night.


Competing with the light of the moon,

Or clouds block their sight,

But they will always be there,

Glowing with spreading light.


Wish upon a shooting star,

Heavens tail across the sky.

And maybe one day it will come true,

And fill you life with light. 




From shadows of the departing sun,

Springs the goddess of night,

With rays of glowing light.




Apollo rises as the moon fades,

In his chariot of fire,

He rides all day.




As Eos strikes a flower dew,

Light stretches across the sky,

Guiding the sun to rise.




Maybe I killed myself

In our last conversation

What made me say it?

How did you take it?

Your beautiful eyes star at me

With no expression on your face

How can I redeem myself

From the impression I laid?

I can only hope and wonder

Will you speak to me again?

Would you think of me differently?

Would you call me a friend?

Please dont say you hate me

Talk to me, please

I do not wish ill among you

My stupidity is to blame

Truly I do value your love

If it exists at all

I will redeem myself someday

And I will live again.




Who are you?

You who is standing there

Standing in front of me?

Your weary eyes

Your wind-blown hair

And a smile on your face

With silver wings

And crown of gold

You stare at me, there

A sudden flash

And all is dark

Flames of red

Death of heart

A waving tail

An evil glance

You stare at me there

Am I mistaken?

Or can it be

All this time

When you stared at me

That you are

My reflection


As the Stars Turn


Moon star

Morning awake

Distant end


Fire star

Cheerful day

Meet a friend


Water star

Still flood

No breeze


Wood star

Feel the ray

Almost there


Golden star

Lock gate

Fly away


Mud star

Endless sleep

Gentle rain


Sun star

Last day to

Live again


Moon star

Morning awake

Distant end

I Am


Happy...but always sad

Lively...but very sluggish

Laughing...but forever crying

Smart...but very stupid

Copying...yet still original

Different...but arent we all

Strong...but deeply sensitive

Independent...but clingy

Leader...but shy follower

Achiever...but unnoticed

Friend...but mortal enemy

Person...that's insignificant

Artistic...but can not draw

Musical...but can not sing

Athletic...but can not run

Forensic...but can not speak

Atheist...yet philosophical

Literal...but always curved

Hopeful...but very pessimistic

Futuristic...but stuck in past

Angelic...but have Yin

Demonic...but have Yang

Starry...but does not shine

Simple...yet extremely complex

Flying...but still on the ground

Diving...but drown

Driving...but can not turn

I am me...yet just like you!




Through the crossed glass glows dim candles

While all is still in the absence of heat

Shadows form from the great oak

Moving with the zephyr

Invading my damp cell

Trying to revive from suffocation

But the soul next to me sucks it up

And regurgitates when there is light

Another heat shines on my face

Above the rectangular wood

With a cornered box blinking two

A crimson seen from far away

Soon the heat disappears

But the cell does not become cold

All is silent, except my occasional clatter

And the box blinking, blinking, forever blinking

Soon the blinking becomes chatter

And light fills all corners of my dead cell

I mop in the drowsiness, intoxicated by the light

Yearning for sleep, but would not when it comes

Sitting, staring in shades of gray

A bottle in my hand

How I lust for lurking while others sleep

And the glowing moon resting on the shoulders of the oak

And I live again





The end of the world







A shard in my hand







Opening the gate

Melodic Melody


When the world gets tough

And nobodys around

I sit in my room

Wishing for a temporary escape

Preparing myself

Cos happiness is a touch away


A soft tap

Slowly swaying my body

Chimes ringing

While standing by the open window

The soothing cascade of water

And Im off to a distant land

I do not fly, I flout

As the wind takes me away

My lips naturally let out my heart

Illuminating the sky

The angels above guide me

As I reproduce their echoes

No forethought,

It all flowed like water

Softly, slowly

My eyes close

And I continue to flout

Flouting, drifting, dancing

Unknowingly, I descend

Into waving faces and friendly smiles

They are watching me

They know me

They appreciate me

I glide above the crown

Touching their hearts

And I leave

Back into my room

Through the chimes

To the soft tapping

I want to hold on

I crave for more

But only the shadows answer back

And all fades

I am back

Sitting in my room

Staring blankly

Back into apprehension

Back into reality

Until I click again


Stage Fright


Every night I rehearse my play

Memorizing every word and gesture

But every time I approach the stage

I see your face, heavenly and beautiful

I get stage fright and run away

Canceling the show for the next day


False Impression


Use one word to describe me

I think I know what youll say

But I am the total opposite

Sure, I act that way in school

But thats only school

Ive heard that phase many times

And repeatedly from the same people

It hurts every time

Knowing I did not serve to your expectations


Mystical You


I can not see

I can not hold

I can not touch

Your heart


But I can tell

I can think

I can forever





The jumble keeps flouting around

With a distant goal to reach

Letters meshed with numbers

Numbers fly about

The answer is known

But the method is cloudy

Once, twice, thrice

Twenty minutes have passed by

But I still dont know why

All original.
(c) Ayame Mayoke, 1999-

Haiku ~ Rhythmic World


Small grass on the ground

Fighting for recognition

Blowing in the wind


Falling dying earth

Breaking into nothingness

Lift me up again


With you by my side

My loneliness disappears

Building up my heart


Iris in the flames

Wind blow to a brand new world

Yin yang, heart of gold


Numbers falling fast

Pressure will forever last

My imperfect world


Blue skies, fresh wind blows

Beautiful Appalachian

Where land meets the sea


Oh, the blowing wind,

Graceful and mysterious

As it sways my heart

                ~ from Kaze no Fuku


Beautiful morning

Blue skies filled with song of birds

Oh, contest of poems

                ~ from Kaze no Fuku




Your warm, gentle smile,

Struck by rays of the bright sun

Over the rainbow

Your soft voice enters my heart

Thank you for being my friend

                ~ from Kaze no Fuku

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