Hello and thank you for choosing Duklyon Café as your graphics provider! For more CLAMP graphics as well as tutorials and HTML help, visit us!

The basic requirements are:
    IE 4.0+ [not compatible with Netscape ]
    At least 16 bit color
    Ability to view frames

This is a basic frames layout. To target this text window, make sure you set target="Main". Also remember to set target="_blank" when targeting outside URLs.

Navigation and the editing of navigation may be found in the file "Top.html" under the code, "<!-- EDIT NAVIGATION -->". Do not worry about how long your link list is, since, if the list becomes too long, a "fake frame" will appear for your visitor to scroll up and down on. However, do not edit any other section of this file, as you may accidently ruin other parts of the layout.

To change the title, open up the file "Top.html". You will find a text section that says "Your Title Here". Edit as needed. Change font color, size, face, and effects in the CSS coding at the top of the file.
Unfortunately, you may not change the title to this layout - there just isn't the space.

Please note that this layout does NOT come with a splash page. If you wish to add one, just rename this file as "index2.html" and the splash page as "index.html". Then, link the splash image to "index2.html". If you do not use a splash page, do not change a thing. However, I highly recommend using a splash page, especially for a layout that is not compatible in 800x600 resolution.

To add additional pages, merely open up "Main.html" and save it as another page, such as "Site.html". From there, edit the code to your liking and then link to "Site.html".

REMEMBER: Leave in the HTML code at the bottom of this page! If I find that you have deleted it or the URL in the layout, I will contact your server immediately and have your site deleted. It's not a threat, but it's not a joke either. I think that's it. Have fun and enjoy your new Duklyon Café layout!

- Kiara Shirou of Duklyon Café

Graphics Provided by Duklyon Café