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"Meian" is a manga...and because I don't want to scan every page, I'm going to put up the outline. 

Meian: Story Outline and Detail Notes

Story thus far:

Chapter 1: A Distant Voice:  Aurora Monroe and Erika Andrews are at the Annual Summer Festival.  They are best friends.  Aurora hears a strange voice calling Hikari.  She sees a beautiful necklace that seems to be calling to her.  Both of them buy one.  They go to hear the band play at the festival.  A voice calling Ladies of Airisu and they, along with 5 others, get transported by rainbow lights.  When they arrive, they are greeted by Queen Shugotenshi.  She asks them to help her world.  Misty Johnson, Ashley Johnson, Electra Travis, and May Parker introduced themselves in that order (with hilarious conflicts in between).  Aurora introduces herself and Erika to the other girls.  The Queen tells them that those are not the names that they will go by.  Their crystal glows and they transform.

Chapter 2: Prince Charming:  Erika and Ashley get really excited about their outfits.  They discover that Aurora has a different outfit.  Queen explains that she is special and calls her Lady Hikari.  She tells them their new names.  Erika and Ashley gets their names mixed up.  The Queen gets really annoyed.  Prince Kami comes home.  Hikari and Kami stare at each other for a long time.  Queen introduces him to the girls and gets mad seeing him talking to Hikari.  Kuuki and Faia annoys the Queen again by asking Kami questions.  It soon became night.  The Evil Queen is talking to Hogosha.  She is aware that the Ladies of Airisu are here and is having him help Lady Ankoku defeat them.  He is surprised when seeing the symbol on her forehead.  Another person asks the Queen what she is planning to do with him.  She says that Lady Ankoku is the one who will defeat them, not Hogosha.  Hogosha escorts Ankoku to her room.  Ankoku asks to see his face.  She laughs.  He gets mad and asks whom she is.  She introduces herself.  Back at the palace, Hikari is still awake and looking at her crystal.  She walks outside and thinks about stuff.  Kuuki sees her and follows.  She cheered Aurora up and they go back inside to sleep.  The next morning, Queen Shugotenshi wakes them up and rushes them out to learn their powers.  Faia carries the big bag.  They walk in the forest.  Hogosha and a mystery lady stood on a tree branch.  The lady is going to destroy the girls.  The girls walk and Hikari suddenly senses something.  It is a twirling stick.  The mystery lady with the stick introduces herself, Tsuta.  She attacks Kuuki, but Hikari blocked the hit.  Hikari gets mad and gathered her power.  She used her attack, Celestial Light.  Tsuta is hurt badly.  Hikari faints, but she is okay.  Denkou senses someone that is watching them from a tree branch. 

Chapter Three:  Awakening Powers: Denkou asks the mysterious person to show himself.  He said he was their guide, Gaido.  He starts hitting on Denkou, but she turned him down and then he hit on Rikujou.  He had them split into groups and gather firewood for diner.  Faia and Mizu meet Akurei (bad guy) and destroy him with their combined powers.  They meet for diner and they tell them what they have done.  They go to a temple in the morning to ask forgiveness for killing Akurei.  They are greeted by Sakura, the priestess.  She turns out to be the bad guy and Denkou and Rikujou heal her.  They go back to the palace. 

Chapter Four:  Hikari and Kami fall in love.  Kuuki is mad because she liked Kami.  She meets Hansamu.  He was very nice to her, but after finding out he is the bad guy, she kills him. 


Future outline:

They leave and meet a bandit named Hito, who helps them somehow.  When they finally fight Lady Ankoku, Lady Hikari realizes that she is her best friend when they were three years old.  Lady Ankoku gets healed in that battle and comes along with them.  Then the sun disappeared and everything turns dark.  The seven creates a small source of light for the world.  They realize Earth is in danger of the darkness as well.  They go back to the palace and learns that the Queen was the Evil Queen Akutenshi all this time and about the powers of Airisu (Iris) and Yin Yang, which she destroyed.  They learn of the Queen Akutenshis good twin (named Shugotenshi) who was locked in a concealed desert.  It was she who summoned them.  The evil twin used her magic to hide her and impersonated Shugotenshi because she is in love with Prince Kami (he reminded her of her dead boyfriend).  The real Shugotenshi is the one who actually has the thrown.  They went to find the place (along came Kami, Hogosha, Gaido, and Hito) and rescues the real Queen.  They fight the evil Queen and learns that there needs to be two more warriors.  The good Queen gives them each weapons and then dies while trying to save the girls.  Later, Lady Hikari and Lady Ankoku used their weapons to restore the Yin Yang.  They then went back to Earth.  The other two girls get transported.  The girls go on to defeat the evil Queen.  They need Hikari and Ankokus help, so they used their powers to bring them back.  The nine of them goes on to defeat the Queen and restore the powers of Airisu.  They were about to kill her, when the powers opened a portal the Earth.  Akutenshi goes through and is never seen again.  Hogosha is killed in the battle.  Since both Queens are gone, Hikari and Ankoku have to take over with the others as well.  They find out about the legend (see next heading) and want to change it.  They send the seven Airisu warriors back home.  Ankoku turns evil because she wants to go back too, and also because of Hogoshas death.  (She cant leave because she has so much power that is needed on this world.)  Hikari and Kami reign over the world, while Ankoku started to disturb the balance of the yin yang.  Ankoku and Hikari had a final battle.  Hikari dies, but her ashes restored the balance.  Ankoku suddenly realizes what she has done.  Hikari said her last words to Kami and turned into light that protects Tenkou.  Ankoku takes Hikaris weapon, remembering what Shugotenshi said what she died.  (Dont put the two weapons together.)  She does and a door formed leading her to a world of illusions where Aurora and her lived happily together forever.  Time returned in the normal world and the others realize that they have not returned.  They go back to the planet with their wishes and finds out what has happened from Kami.  They are really sad, but cant do anything about it because they became less powerful.  Using their wills they created an illusion of Aurora and Melanie so they can be with their normal families and the girls of Airisu are the only ones who know that they are only illusions.  They are really sad and more mature after this experience. 



The asteroid is called Tendou (paradise).  It used to be a small island off the cost of western Japan and it connects Japan with China.  The high priest lived there and it possessed magic.  The powers of Airisu gave love and happiness, and the Yin Yang possessed the balance of light and darkness and the sun/moon system.  After the priest died, bandits and evil people came to the island to destroy these powers.  Because it was too dangerous, the people decided to blast the island into space, so no one can touch it.  A priest with a bit of power was to do this.  He used all his energy and lifted the island to someplace between Earth and Mars.  He would have died of the blast, but didnt.  A few other people unexpectedly came along as well (they stayed on the island).  So the people started to regenerate and because the powers were there, it was the perfect place for agriculture.   The priest then turned mad with power and tried to destroy the powers, so the other people summoned warriors from Earth to stop him.  And so the legend begins

Depending on what is destroyed, female warriors come to battle.  (For example: if Airisus destroyed, seven will come; if Yin Yang, two; if only one of the seven is destroyed, only that one comes.)  When they come they get powers from an item (in this case the necklaces).  They will eventually defeat the evil and restore the powers.  But the two head people of the group (usually the Yin Yang) will reign over the world.  But one will turn evil because of various reasons (usually Yin) and try destroying the powers.  Then some other person (usually Yang) summons new girls.  She then dies somehow and the evil one returns to Earth.  (Time will be the exact moment she was taken away.)  Every generation is really different, but the (above) legend is always the same. 


Story of the Past Generation:

Only Yin and Yang were destroyed when Shugotenshi and Akutenshi arrived.  They both fall in love with young noblemen who help them in their quest.  They defeat the evil person and reigned over Tendou.  They at first were equal in positions, but Shugotenshi married her love and Akutenshis died.  Shugotenshi became more important than Akutenshi and even more so after she gave birth to a son named Kami.  Kami looked a lot like Akutenshis love.  (Since the two noblemen were brothers.)  She accidentally killed the King and was cast away as a killer.  She developed her magic skills and one day she locked her sister in a deserted area and sealed it.  She then impersonated her by day to get close to Kami (who has no idea) and destroy the powers of Airisu by night as the Evil Queen. 

All original.
(c) Ayame Mayoke, 2001-





~ Hikari & Ankoku (top) and just Hikari (bottom) from Meian

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