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Fuusha * Windmill

This is a series of short shojo manga about high school.  I finished the second one first...and during finals too...when I should have been studying... **...but anyways , I did the first earlier this year.  Here are the scripts...since I'm so not going to scan all the pix  :-P


Volume One:

Goodbye My Heart

Back: The timid Suiren has a crush on Tokito.  But she soon finds herself falling when Tokito decides to go to the dance with her best friend, Choocho.  What will Suiren do? 

This is the first volume of Ayame Mayokes hit short manga story series about high school love, Fuusha*Windmill. 



Garamond font - song lyrics

Italicized thought/narration

< > - Audio/visual effect or action


Front Pocket:  And the sun wont shine


Manga Script:

Oh, the tears that Ill cry, the rain from the sky,

The heart that will die, to you Ill say goodbye

Suiren:  Ive always been the silent onenever showing emotionnever confronting my crushdont know how.

Thats why I envy my friend, Choochoshes so open with her feelings.

Light is there dark, Day is there rain

Suiren:  <Sees Tokito>

Deep in my heart, theres so much I cant explain

Choocho:  Hey, Suiren-chan!  Guess whose got a date to the dance?

Suiren:  Im so happy for you!  Who is he?

Choocho:  Its Tokito!!

Suiren:  Tokito!!

Silent night, I can see the hearts glide in your wings,

Sweet light, I can feel your whisper that air brings

Suiren:  I made a pity excuse to escape the danceescaping what might happen

After rain is there shine

Suiren:  I was selfish and cruelstruck bare of my tender heart

Gentle breeze from the tides

As I say goodbye.


With the birds

Suiren:  But things were not as I expected

I will fly

Suiren:actually, they were quite the opposite.

Choocho:  Come sit with us, Suiren-chan!!

Suiren:  Coming!

The see you in the sky

Choocho:  Too bad you couldnt go to the dance.

Tokito:  At least you were saved from seeing the teachers dance!!

Suiren:  Were they really that bad??

So way up high

Suiren:  I became the silent friend by dayand the love adviser at night

As if Im not in sight

Suiren:  We were all friends

Oh, cant I find, A candle in the night

Suiren:  When the day finally came, <beep beep>  I was not happy

Oh, the hearts that bind, I want you by my side

Suiren:  Because they were not happy

Silent night

Suiren:  But in a way, this was best for me

I can see the hearts glide in your wings

Sweet light

Suiren:  No heartbreak, no sorrow

I can feel your whisper that air brings

After rain is there sine, Gentle breeze from the tides

As say goodbye.

Suiren:  Goodbye my heartHello my friend


Back Pocket:  Swaying with the calm tidesAs I say goodbye.



Dear Reader,

            Although this is volume 1 of Fuusha*Windmill, its actually the second I did chronologically.  I did Kaze no Fuku first and I already have plans for the third.

            You like my self-portait?  makes me look olderand wiser!!  Oh wellanime and manga always change thingsso unrealisticbut that of course is the reason we read it!!for the escape of reality!!

            Thanks for reading volume 1!!

                                                                                    Ayame Mayoke

Oct. 20, 2002

Volume Two:

Kaze no Fuku


Back: Heiwa Kashi, an intelligent, but antisocial boy is a mystery to Daruma Yuki.  But through a poetry contest, a powerful friendship unfolds.

In this second volume of Fuusha*Windmill, your favorite artist, Ayame Mayoke, takes a peek at sophomoric love.  <3



Italicized thought/narration

< > - Audio/visual effect or action


Manga Script:

Oh, the blowing wind

graceful and mysterious

as it sways my heart.

Voice: <ding> Class dismissed

Friend: Hey, Yuki-chan, its time for lunch

Yuki: Coming

Friend: Want to do something this weekend?

Yuki: why did Mom pack eggplant.  I hate eggplant.

Friend: Theres a new movie out!  Want to go?

Yuki: Love to, but cant.  I got a poetry competition Saturday!

Friend: Sorry! I forgot!

Yuki: Thats okay!

Friend: Well, hope you do well!

Yuki: Hah, if that will ever happen <both laugh>

Kashi: <glance>

Yuki: ?  Its him.  Everyday he would just sit there during lunch and read!  Just therealonereadingnot even eating

Friend: Yuki???

Yuki: uh um nothing <embarrassed>

Friend: Whoo!  You were looking at Kashi again, werent you!  Looks like someones going to have fun at the poetry competition! <laugh>

Yuki: Shhhhhh!  He might hear!

Kashi: <glance>

Yuki: <embarrassed>

Friend: <laugh>

Yuki: <elbow friend on head> not funny

New time/place

Yuki: Beautiful morningBlue skies filled with song of birdsOh, contest of poems.  I am so ready for this!  <peace sign>

Teacher: Yuki!  Youre late!

Yuki: Coming!  I was just warming up!

Teacher: no point of warming up if you dont catch the bus.

Yuki: only one free seat <sees Kashi, embarrassed>  Okay, Yuki, dont freak out!  Just start a nice conversation or not at all or maybe So, are you ready for the competition, Kashi?  <looks at Kashi, no expression> silence

Kashi: <slowly turns and smiles> I think Im well prepared, Yuki!

Yuki: Yip!  Hes actually talking!  Im sorry, but you dont seem to talk a lot

Kashi:  I know.  I usually talk to those who talk to me

Yuki:  So, what events are you doing?

Kashi: Tanka, Limerick, and Alliteration.  You?

Yuki: Song, Free Verse, and Haiku

Kashi: Haiku?  You dont seem like the Haiku type.  Ha ha

Yuki:  What do you mean?

Kashi: You seem more of the preppy typeLanterne

Yuki:  What!  So is that why youve ignored me?

Kashi:  Welljust kidding.  Ha ha ha

Yuki: ha ha ha  and we talked the whole way there

New place/time

Yuki:  and for the rest of the day, we were almost inseparableexcept when we had to go to our events

Kashi:  Hey, Yuki!  How were your events?

Yuki:  Not well, we had to write a song about bridges!  I kept getting London Bridge is Falling Down in my head.  You?

Kashi:  Mine were the usual.  Tanka was great though.  Whens your Haiku event?

Yuki: In an hour.

Kashi: want to go for lunch?

Yuki:  yah, I need energy to think

New place/time (lunch)

Kashi: then my Limerick was on cows <both laugh>

Yuki: <clock ticks 5 to 1> Totally ready for this <peace sign>

Instructor: Take your seats everyone.  The event will begin.  I am your instructor.  Please read the assignment, and you have 10 minutes.  Begin.

<paper says: haiku event.  Write a haiku about love using the word wind in it.  Make it make sense to receive better placing.  You have 10 minutes including the time you spent reading this!><clock 3 passed 1>

Yuki:  mmmdifficult topic.  How are we supposed to know about love?  Oh, I wish Kashi were here!  He is so mysteriouslike split personalitiesgreat person when you get to know him Thats it!  <clock 8 passed 1><paper, Yuki writes: Haiku.  Oh, l>

Instructor: Time!

Kashi: So how was Haiku?

Yuki: A-OK

Kashi: Come on!  Lets go to the award ceremony!

Yuki:  <at ceremony, lots of people> So crowded!  I wonder where our team is.  Uh!!! <nobody there>  Oh no! I lost Kashi!!  Kashi!! 

Angel Yuki:  What are you doing, Yuki?  You should not seem to desperate.  Dont blow your present friendship in making him think you love him!

Devil Yuki:  No, Yuki!  Show him you love him!  Come on, you know how you feel deep inside.   Just stop hiding and let it out!

Kashi:  Hey, Yuki!  I found the others!

Yuki:  Coming Kashi!  <turns, make face to spirits> Take that you dumb spirits

Angel Yuki:  She never listens to us!

Devil Yuki:  Then whats the point of animating us anyways?  <puff>

Yuki:  <going to seat with Kashi to right and teacher to left of her> Excuse me

Announcer:  Good afternoon!  The award ceremony will now begin! 

Yuki:  ..and it was long and arduousbut Kashi and I always talked in betweenkind of hard with the teacher sitting next to me

Announcer: Now for Tanka

Guy Teammate: Good luck man <to Kashi>

Kashi: Thanks

Announcer:  ThirdTokyo North.  SecondMyu High School.  First <Yuki prays>  Fuusha

Kashi: <on stage waving, comes back to seat>

Yuki: Congratulations!

Kashi:  Thanks, couldnt have done it without your inspiration!

Yuki: What???

Announcer: HaikuThirdFuusha!!

Yuki: What?

Voice 1: Yay Yuki

Voice 2: Go Yuki go

Kashi: You won!

Yuki: I did? Ha! I beat you, Tokyo North

Announcer:  SecondTokyo North

Yuki:  Why do I never pay attention to the important things? <teardrop><on stage waiving> then on the bus ride home

Girl Teammate:  Hey, Kashi!  Read your winning Tanka!

Kashi:  Your warm, gentle smile/Struck by the rays of the bright sun/Over the rainbow/Your soft voice enters my heart/Thank you for being my friend

Yuki:  what does he mean? <heart pounding>

Kashi:  That was for you, Yukimy friend

Yuki: <change from ?? to smile> and we talked the whole way back

New time/place: (school)

Friend:  How was the competition?

Yuki: I got third in Haiku! <turns> Huh? Goodbye, Kashiuntil the next poetry competition

Oh, the blowing wind

graceful and mysterious

as it sways my heart.



Dear Friend, or some weird person I let read this,

            I hope you enjoyed this manga.  In fact, this is the absolute first manga that I finishedfunny.  I started Meian first, but that is way way way too long to ever finishso I decided to do short shoojo comics that reflect me!  This is suppost to reflect my sophomore year!  The poetry competition parallels Science Olympiad.

            Look for my other mangas all entitled Fuusha*Windmill.  Also look for my totally separate, but in Fuusha High School, story, Koogo no Uchuu and of course, Meian.

            Give me your complementsI mean commentsha ha ha


Ayame Mayoke

June 5, 2002


All original.
(c) Ayame Mayoke, 2002


I have two pix done for "Kaze no Fuku"...but I need to scan them

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